AGENT Family

The several Series of products that integrate our AGENT Family allow our clients to integrate in a highly reliable and straightforward way all the Ethernet and IP packet-oriented services required nowadays in their Operational networks, over a common infrastructure both at LAN and WAN levels.

Advanced 10 Gigabit Ethernet L2/3/4 WAN Switches

The AGENT-3 Series of high-performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches has been specifically designed to meet the most demanding requirements of Operational networks in Power Utilities, combining a wide variety of Layer 2/3/4 protocols and algorithms – including Quality of Service and Priority levels, essential to implement highly available networks capable of integrating real-time services –.

The elevated functional versatility of our AGENT-3 systems, together with their user-friendly configuration tool – specifically designed by means of an elaborated Web Browser for that purpose –, allow users to quickly and easily optimise the use of the network resources, depending on the particular requirements or necessities of every moment and situation.

For those bandwidth-eager users, AGENT-3 routers also include optional 10 Gigabit Ethernet (XFP) I/O modules to operate as uplink ports.

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Ethernet LAN Switches

The Ethernet LAN Switches in our AGENT-2 Series of products include advanced Layer 2 functionalities to make it possible to integrate with high reliability and efficiency 10/100Mbps (Fast Ethernet) local networks into fibre optic Gigabit backbones.

Depending on their environmental and communications constructive characteristics, our Ethernet LAN Switches can be classified into:

  • IEC 61850/IEEE 1613
  • Hardened
  • Industrial

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Media Converters

Our product Lines of Fast Ethernet Media Converters can be classified depending on their constructive characteristics also into IEC 61850/IEEE 1613, Hardened or Industrial, and provide flawless communications at local level when these are most needed.

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