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ATLAN family of products are a suite of applications that cover the  needs of your business. From  the definition of the  basic engineering to construction details, ATLAN work environment with its different versions will allow you to increase the efficiency of your team.

- See comparative table of the different products of Atlan.

Version Server for Workgroups

ATLAN SERVER expands the functionality of ATLAN environment in order to empower work-group functionality and productivity.

The use of a centralised server to hold all the information allows sharing libraries and projects. Powerful user profiles and workgroups can be defined in order to optimise internal working procedures.

ATLAN SERVER includes all the functionality required to share a project with external subcontractors or partners so the same project can be developed by different companies.

- Atlan Server Datasheet

Single user-version

ATLAN STAND-ALONE the working environment that provides all the functionality required to cover the substation life-cycle. From concept design to maintenance support, ATLAN stand-alone provides a powerful user-friendly interface able to integrate different technologies so projects including legacy and IEC 61850 technologies can be seamlessly created producing coherent documentation and the IEC 61850 configuration files.

- Atlan Stand-Alone Datasheet

A simpler version for generating documentation

ATLAN LITE provides a simpler easy to use working environment that provides all the functionality required to produce the documentation of a project.

ATLAN LITE guarantees information integrity. The user generating documentation cannot by any means delete modify or alter the project that is documenting.

ATLAN LITE the cost-effective approach to substation project documentation. It lower cost allowing most time consuming task by produced using low cost licence and less specialised staff.

- Atlan Lite Datasheet

Version to view projects

ATLAN READER the free of charge licence that allows access to all the project information. Any user can access to all project information just by opening the project. There is no possible to modify the project or create any new documentation. Get much more information that documented using ATLAN READER.


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